• Economy

    About 80% of what Americans throw away is recyclable.

  • Ecology

    If all newspaper was recycled, we could save about 250,000,000 trees each year!

  • Green Fuel

    Biodiesel is biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics.

  • Connectivity

    We'll collect 100% of your recyclables.

Unrestricted support for UNLV provides unique educational opportunities for our students.

As a huge advocate of community, sustainability, and education, Renu Oil of America, Inc. is honored to support the UNLV Foundation; Moreover, as an alumni of both UNLV and the William S. Boyd School of Law, I am extremely proud that our company is able to partake in the prodigious deeds that the UNLV foundation does to ensure the success of UNLV students. ”

Las Vegas casinos gamble their reputations on sustainability

People don’t come to Vegas to recycle. They come to gamble. That’s why at Caesars all the garbage goes to one place - the docks that are at the same level as the casino floor. There, a team from Renu Oil sorts all the garbage into recyclable and non-recyclable.

Caesars Wines and Dines at Uncork’d

Caesars plans to roll out cork recycling to all Caesars properties in Las Vegas. Renu Oil has committed to adding cork to the collecting, sorting and recycling programs currently in place at our Las Vegas facilities. RenuOil handles everything from your typical plastic and card board recyclables, down to your more difficult-to-recycle items like textiles and organic waste. “We have teams staffed at each recycling dock with our sorting systems, covering every single shift to sort through the entire waste stream for that site,” explains Sophia Salas, Manager of Renu Oil. “It’s a very comprehensive program.”

Obama Announces Backing for Energy-Efficiency Initiative

Obama announced last week financial backing for initiatives to make government properties energy efficient and to create tens of thousands of jobs in the entire process. Former president Bill Clinton and President Obama joined forces to announce government and private-sector commitments to create jobs in this economy by motivating ecological movements within the government. President Obama said Congress should facilitate tax incentives for institutions that undertake energy-efficiency projects. The best part of this incentive is that it does not use a single penny from taxpayer’s money, yet it will lower energy use and ultimately benefit taxpayers.

After the Bubble Burst: How America's Wimpy Recovery Has Reshaped Las Vegas

In 2004, Isabell Ysassi and her husband, Todd House, started a recycling business in Las Vegas. Renu Oil of America not only recycled used cooking oil from kitchens along the Las Vegas Strip, it also handled more traditional recycling of trash. House had been an executive chef at the Flamingo; Ysassi was a cook and later a dealer. She remembers the first time he asked for her help with recycling the trash. She had already worked a full shift and was wearing a skirt and high heels. He took her to the docks behind one of the casinos and told her to roll up her sleeves. "It was so embarrassing." She thought helping run the business meant "I'm gonna do clerical or boss people around, tell them what to do." Instead he wanted her to pick through garbage to sort out cardboard, plastic and aluminum. "This is your company," he told her. "You're gonna help me with this."